prayers on a monday ~ 10/08/2007

Good Morning and Blessings to You All,

Graces continue to abound for Courtney and our family during this time of uncertainty. Fr. Barkett anointed Courtney after Mass yesterday. She was very much at peace as were the rest of us while he prayed over her.
I keep reminding myself that God's grace is sufficient in all things. He is here by her side and ours as we continue this journey. We are not alone. Your prayers and good wishes are felt every day. We could not do this without them.

Courtney's seizures continue, lasting anywhere from 5-8 minutes on average. She is still having trouble getting her breath at times during the seizures. We are having about 4-5 daily which is making life very challenging for her. We continue the medical appointments over the next 3-4 weeks to see if we can nail down a cause or if this is just the way life is going to be. We also continue the dietary changes to try and get her weight back up.

Many of you have asked me what you can do to help and my answer is always the same. Please pray and continue to pray for whatever God's will be in all of this. I ask specifically for an appointment Jerry and I have tomorrow morning at 8:30 am which will determine our family's financial health and future. This has been particularly difficult for Jerry as he is working so hard to provide and there never seems to be enough to cover all that must be done. Now with me home again, we must make some very difficult decisions. Each day we are given another opportunity to practice patience and humility. I ask and pray for a miracle that only God can provide. Please pray for wisdom in this process and His mercy upon both of us.

I know that many of you have your own crosses and struggles to bear. I am humbled constantly that you take the time to pray for Courtney and our family when you yourselves need prayers. Please know that Courtney prays for each of you and your families everyday, as do Jerry, Jonathan and myself. If you have any specific requests, please let us know so that we can join you in prayer. God is at work here and we must see him in the small miracles of life, like a breath taken in the midst of a seizure, a smile, or a hug given or received.

As always, my family thanks you for your kindness and generosity in spirit. Miracles do happen, Courtney's life proves it!

Feel free to pass this prayer request on to others of faith. We are all made in the image and likeness of God! The more prayers, the more mountains moved and miracles provided! We will keep you informed as to any new developments.

God Bless,
Mary, Jerry, Jonathan and Courtney

Mother Theresa Quote:
"Suffering has to come because if you look at the cross, He has got His head bending down - He wants to kiss you - and He has both His hands open wide - He wants to embrace you. He has His heart open wide to receive you. Then when you feel miserable inside, look at the cross and you will know what is happening. Suffering, pain, sorrow, humiliation, feelings of loneliness, are nothing but the kiss of Jesus, a sign that you have come so close that He can kiss you...Suffering, pain, humiliation - this is the kiss of Jesus."