update ~ 10/3/2007

Dear Friends and Family,

I don't know why it's always a Monday, but Courtney had another encounter with the EMT's today at school after a 12 minute seizure. I got there before they departed for the hospital and was able to take custody and bring her home. So at least we avoided five hours in the ER. She is sleeping peacefully now. She will be under the influence of the anti-seizure drug Ativan for several more hours.

This brings us to the hard part. As of 2pm this afternoon, I have resigned from my job at Centerville Elementary School. With the upcoming GI, Developmental Peds, and Neurology testing, many more doctors appointments, possible hospital admittance, uncertainty of seizures at school or on the bus and the need for someone to be available at ALL times for Courtney, there really was no other way to go.

This is where you come in. Jerry and I are trusting God completely in the financial arena right now that He will provide what we need to stay afloat. On this feast of St. Therese of Lesuiex, we ask that you pray with us for many "flowers from heaven" for this situation. Courtney is a fighter and one tough cookie. So, we will keep putting one foot in front of the other, believing that the grace of God is sufficient for all we need.

Ever since I heard this story below I've thought how beautiful it is, and then I decided to put it into practice. So throughout the day, I will kiss the hands of my daughter, saying aloud, "I kiss the hands that have opened for me the gates of heaven." This simple act brings me a closer understanding of the gift of "resolved patience" and redemptive suffering. I have no doubt that Courtney stands with one foot firmly planted here and one foot in heaven. Each day is a blessing and a gift from God to care for her and love her. I appreciate those blessings even more when times of struggle come. I have no doubt that she has changed our family and brought each of us closer to Our Lord. Without her, who knows where we would be....

I thank you in advance for your prayers and please know that each night as we say prayers with Courtney, that she prays for each of you.

with humble and grateful hearts,
Mary and Jerry Lenaburg