lesson of the day ~ flexability...

Hi Everyone,

I hope this note finds all of you and your families well. Thank you for all your emails and kind words. I wanted to send a quick update on Courtney. Today was a wonderful example of God's sense of humor, a little test to make sure I really do mean what I say. This morning I had the great privilege of meeting with a group of medical students and speaking about what it means to be a patient advocate. It is a wonderful blessing to be able to affect change at the ground level of our very fractured medical system. To be able to tell Courtney's story and how Jerry and I see our child and cherish her each and everyday, no matter what the day brings. "Flexibility is key" I said "You never know what's going to roll your way." Little did I know at that moment, our daughter was "rolling" by ambulance to the ER with another extended seizure that they were having difficulty stopping at school. I can just see God smiling and saying "You told them flexibility was key, but did you really mean it?"

My answer is a resounding "Yes!" So I rushed from Bethesda, MD to Fairfax, VA and found my precious one in the capable hands of her teacher sleeping peacefully in the ER. When I kissed her hello, I was rewarded with the sweetest smile. The rest of my planned day flew out the window and it was all about Courtney and her care. Flexible Mary to the rescue! She is home now, safe and sleeping in her own bed. Thank you to everyone on our prayer tree who prayed this afternoon, not knowing what the outcome would be. This is where we are at the moment, so I ask for your continued prayers. These seizures are getting more difficult to control, and we are frustrating just about every physician we have consulted. So pray for wisdom and good decision making on our part. We want the best for Courtney, and learn each and every day that one has to be flexible and bendable to God's will, for He is the only one in control.

Blessing to you all,
Mary, Jerry, Jonathan and Courtney