much to be thankful for...

We have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving including cough syrup, vaporizers and electricity. Our week started with a visit to the Gastroenterologist on Monday which brought both good and bad news. Courtney has gained 3 pounds which is good. Hopefully her weight gain will continue with the new feeding pump schedule. The not so good news is that we may have to have the Nissan wrap redone. They will do an Upper GI on Monday 11/26 at 8:40 am to see if the wrap has herniated causing Courtney to reflux again. This surgery was done in 1996 and it is not unusual to have to redo it later after the child has finished growing. So we will wait and see what the test tells us.

On Tuesday Courtney ended her day with a fever of 102, stuffed up and coughing. Never a good sign. On Wednesday the Neurologist asked us to keep the long awaited appointment even with Courtney being sick. The news here is a little less hopeful. Basically, we have maximized all the medicine she is taking as well as the VNS. If the seizures continue to worsen, than we will have no choice but to increase the meds, thereby decreasing Courtney's ability to function and respond to us. We will not do this until we have no other choice.

By Thursday, everyone was ready for a quiet day and God was kind enough to grant one. Courtney's fever finally broke, but the coughing continued even as the electricity went out. It came back on very early Friday morning which was good because Courtney was missing her vaporizer. Saturday brought beautiful weather and a smile from Courtney, in between the coughing. By bedtime the coughing had lessened considerably, Praise God!!

Even with mixed medical news our family has so much to be thankful for. Courtney's Campaign is close to meeting it's first goal of paying off the second mortgage. Please continue to pray for God's will in this area and that He will continue to move peoples hearts. We appreciate all of your prayers and help in these last few weeks. We are blessed beyond measure to be surrounded by such love! As always, ALL honor and glory to Our Creator who walks with us through each storm and teaches us how to dance in the rain!

Mary, Jerry, Courtney and Jonathan Lenaburg

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