"Jesus We Trust In You"

Since we began this very public journey six weeks ago, our family has been blessed beyond measure. We wanted to thank everyone who has come forward with their financial and practical support as well as all of the prayers being said for our Courtney. We are humbled each and every day by the kindness and incredible generosity of strangers who just wish to help. We have received letters and emails, telling stories of how other families with special needs children have faced this very challenge. Some have declared bankruptcy and others were able to avoid it through the kindness of family and friends. With each testimony, we have added more families to our thanksgiving prayer list. We will never be able to repay everyone for all that has been freely given. We are so grateful and filled with wonder and awe at the great things Our Lord has done for us!

We began "friendraising" ten days ago and have since raised $10,000 dollars. A miracle indeed! We have a ways to go to relieve our debt, but we know that God is working and moving mountains for us. He is using Courtney's message of hope and unconditional love to change the hearts of many people. This weekend we had the privilege of receiving the traveling image of Divine Mercy. We will have it in our home until Saturday. Each day our family prays the Rosary followed by the Divine Mercy Chaplet, calling upon Our Lord to be merciful in our time of need. I find God's timing so interesting these days. Here we are in this place of great unrest and difficulty and we receive this image which has "Jesus I Trust In You" written at the bottom.

We are being asked on a daily basis to trust in Him to meet all our needs both physical and spiritual. To provide the strength for Courtney to get through another seizure breathing and not choking. We are reminded by this image that we are surrounded by oceans of of God's mercy. He has already drank that cup of bitterness for us. He has already carried our cross for us, so we don't have to. We just need to trust in Him and give over all our pain and suffering. His mercy offers us shelter from the pain of what life can sometimes bring. We will continue to rely on His mercy as we continue to rely on your kindness and incredible generosity.

For Courntey we thank you and we praise Our Lord each and every day for the gift that she is to us.
Blessings to You,
Mary and Jerry