a miracle for courtney...

Today has been a wonderful day! Courtney has not had one seizure, surely an early St. Nicholas Day gift. But even more astounding is the miracle that occurred earlier this afternoon. The second mortgage was PAID OFF!! Not only that, but you have raised enough to pay off $13,000 more of the secondary debt, leaving only $62,000 left before we have no medical debt. OUR FAMILY STANDS IN AWE OF THIS ST. NICHOLAS DAY MIRACLE! (Yes, we do know that it's a day early, but yippee anyway!). As our dear friend Christine said to me "The generosity of God can NEVER BE OUTDONE". Oh, how right she is!

What does all this mean? For starters after speaking with our advisors, we will NOT have to declare bankruptcy. Second, the more debt we pay off, the better. If we can erase that, then we will NOT have to sell the house. Third, anything raised over this amount will go into a special medical trust for Courtney, so that we are not in this position again, God willing.

My father taught me to "never quit, to never give up and never lose your faith. It's the ONE reason you walk this earth, because God deemed it so!" Over these past 15 years, our faith has been tested many, many times. But God prevailed each and every time with his love and mercy, never leaving us, not for one moment, even in the darkest hours. If anyone has ever doubted that miracles happen, just look at Courtney and her smiling face. It is the face of Christ's love visible in each and every soul that walks this earth. We are so blessed. I am reminded of what every Catholic says before receiving Christ "Lord I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and I shall be healed".

So this day we offer a prayer of Gratitude and Thanksgiving:

"Father God we are not worthy and we will forever be humbled and awed by your healing power in our lives. You have surrounded us with so many souls who are loving us whether we know their name or not. You have surrounded us with a host of angels who have been praying and sacrificing for our Courtney. We accept these gifts with humble and thankful hearts knowing that You reign in this world above ALL else! We thank you Lord for the blessing of our children. We know that they are ours for only a short while. Thank you for the privilege and honor to love them and care for them each and every day. May You be praised and glorified in ALL that we say and all that we do. Amen"

May each and every one of you have a Blessed St. Nicholas Day and a peaceful and prayerful Advent. We will update you in the next few days with where we are on the remaining debt. Please continue to hold Courtney in your prayers. She is doing well because you continually lift her up. Thank you so much.

With Praise and Thanksgiving,
Mary, Jerry, Jonathan and Courtney


The Power of Prayer:
I believe that God only answers prayer in three ways:
1. "Yes!"
2. "Not Yet"
3. "I have something better in mind!"