praise HIM is ALL things...

We continue to be astounded by the generosity of Our Lord working through so many, especially the Knights of Columbus, the parishioners of St. Mary of Sorrows, St. Ambrose, the Shrine of St. Jude and St. Veronica's, The Challenge Club, Little Flowers as well as dear friends and family and most amazing of all, complete strangers. We are offering our Advent sacrifices and prayers in thanksgiving for each and every one of you. Other prayers are being answered as well.

First, Courtney's seizures have calmed in the last two days, and we know it to be a direct result of all of your frequent and fervent prayers. May God be Praised!!
Second, we are so VERY, VERY, VERY close to paying off the second mortgage. This has been the most incredible experience of our lives. We have been surprised, overwhelmed, awed, and completely humbled by the love and kindness pouring over our family.

Many have asked what happens AFTER the first goal is reached and the second mortgage is paid off. In order to remain in our home we still need to retire the remaining $75,000 in debt. We never imagined that this was even possible but we are reminded by Him who is the provider of ALL things that anything is possible with Him who gives us strength. So please continue to pray for our family and that God's will be done.

Mary, Jerry, Jonathan and Courtney

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