never alone....

I am always amazed at how Our Lord stands with us in the midst of all that this world brings us, whether good or bad. We are truly never alone. However there are times when we feel this darkness come upon us. We fight to find that peace, that consolation that exists when we rest in His loving embrace. We know in our mind that He is present, but our hearts ache to feel His loving and peace filled presence.

I was truly moved by the above post. So many of us struggle with depression with all it's different forms and faces. So we must pray for one another and hold each other up, crying out to Jesus for forgiveness and healing. He is there waiting for us wherever we are, waiting to hold us while we weep with our inadequacies, sins and failures in this life. His Blessed Mother stands with Him, with her arms wide waiting to hold the grieving and the discouraged. We try so hard to be content and happy with where He has placed us, but sometimes that "dark thief" comes and we must fight yet again to win the day for Christ.

Always remember, we are NEVER alone. He stands with us at the ready to fight for our minds, our hearts and our souls. The "dark thief" may win a battle from time to time, but the war is already one! Praise Be Jesus!