homeschool planning...

I homeschooled my son Jonathan for 10 years and loved every moment of it. OK, not every moment, but pretty close. He is now a senior in high school and attending the local junior collage. Over those ten years, I plugged into every resource you can imagine in my local homeschooling community. I learned the hard way, that planning and organization were essential for our homeschooling to be successful. You really do need to know what direction your going in and what is going to help keep you on the right path. While all this educating is going on, you also need to meet the needs of your vocation as wife, mother and keeper of the home.

It is hard for me to believe that my time of homeschooling is done. I do still read my homeschooling blogs everyday to see whats going on in the world, and am constantly amazed by all the little gems I glean. Even as I move away from homeschooling and in a new direction, life still requires organization and panning. This morning I came across Plainsong's latest post and knew that I needed to pass it along. Wow, these moms are motivating and inspiring. So please take a peek if you are in need of some encouragement in your homeschool journey. You will not be disappointed.