move that bus...

If you have ever seen the show "Extreme Makeover" you are familiar with the above tag line. At the end of every show, the host stands with the family and the crowd gathered around them and chant "Move that Bus!" The bus moves and the families new home is revealed. I can say with all honesty that I understand exactly how each family must feel, for this is what has happened to us in the last two months. Our life has had a complete and total makeover and Jerry and I are still adjusting to all that has changed.

~Courtney health has improved, Praise God. Her seizures have lessened, even though when she has breakthroughs, they are still very difficult for her to breath through. She has gained weight and is smiling and laughing once more. Oh what a wonderful sound it is!

~We are completely out of debt and have been setting up a new household budget to include a savings and retirement plan, not something we have ever been able to do before with any regularity.

~We have almost all the paperwork for Courtney's trust done and an incredibly generous amount in the bank waiting to start the account.

I know that these may sound like simple things to most of you, but to us, it is a completely different way of living.
To have the burden and worry lifted from our shoulders has been life changing. This is a miracle of HUGE proportions! Each of you contributed to this miracle by giving so freely of your time, talent and treasure. Your prayers have changed the lives of those who reside in our home, so much for the better.

We stand in awe of the generosity of Our Lord. May we one day be worthy of the blessings he has provided us!