"Heart and Soul"

This blog is dedicated to our daughter Courtney and her impact on our world. However, our family has four members and today I wanted to talk about Courtney's big brother Jonathan. He does so much to help in the daily care of Courtney, I just wanted to let him know how much he is loved and appreciated.

Recently, Jerry and I watched in wonder as Jonathan received his Eagle Scout award. I am amazed at the passage of time. One day he was a little boy smiling with his pinewood derby car and the next he is renovating the library at his sister's school for his Eagle project. This was a huge undertaking and he rose to the challenge raising over $5000 to complete this project. He and his crew painted the library and puchased over 1000 books, CD's, computer programs for the students. They also improved the physical environment dramatically. When he was trying to decide what to do for his project, he said "Mom I want to do something to help Courtney and her classmates. Something big!" Well you sure did Jonathan! In two months he will graduate from homeschool high school and in the fall begin the grand adventure of collage life.

Jonathan has been an incredible big brother to Courtney and a wonderful son. At his Eagle ceremony his scoutmaster said the following:

"Heart and Soul. Those are the two words I thought of when I sat down the other day to think about Jonathan in preparation of this evening.
Why heart and soul?
I think that one of the best things you could say about a person is that 'he has a big heart". It would be easy and accurate to say that about Jonathan. He HAS a big heart. You can easily see it - he cares about people.
The Scout Law states that a Scout is trustworthy. loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind obedient, cheerful, brave, thrifty, clean and reverent.
One of the things you need to know is that every time a scout finishes each rank on the way to Eagle, he sits down with his Scoutmaster. One of the last things that gets signed off for each rank is that the Scoutmaster affirms that the boy is living his life according to the Scout Law.
When I sat down with Jonathan for his final Scoutmaster Conference, his Eagle conference, I told him that I could easily see that he does live his life according to the Scout Law and that I think a lot of the Scout Law comes easily to Jonathan because he does have a big heart.
Jonathan, I am very happy that your chose to be a part of our troop. I believe that your experience with us helped you develop into the fine young man you are today, built upon a solid foundation that your parents provided you. The kind of Heart and Soul that Jonathan represents is a rare thing indeed!"

We are blessed that God chose us to be Jonathan's parents. Courtney is blessed to have a big brother willing to love her no matter what she can or cannot do. His big heart and soul come from God , and hopfully he will continue to use his gifts to bring joy to this world and always more love! We love you Jonathan and we are honored to call you son!
Mom and Dad