"Finding Beauty at Their Fingertips"

Today Courtney and her classmates were featured in the Fairfax section of the Washington Post in a beautiful story By Michael Alison Chandler based on the art therapy they do in their classroom.
Besty Calvert, Courtney's teacher for the last 3 1/2 years is a woman filled with love for these special children. She sees the dignity of each child she is given to teach and does a tremendous job of bringing forth talents that no one else sees. Her teaching assistants, Hye and Maria, love each child as only a mother can. We are blessed to have our daughter at the Kilmer Center being cared for each day by these beautiful women.
Below you will find a painting that Courtney, with her classmates help, made for her big brother Jonathan's Eagle Scout Ceremony. She used her fingers and hands to make each stroke, all with the guidance and love of her teachers. When looking at this painting, we will always remember the precious one who made it with so much love. Enjoy!