The Litany of Laundry

I have always loved laundry. I know, I'm not your average homemaker. I love the smell of clean linens fresh off the line. I love ironing a crisp white shirt. I love the feel of fresh linens on the bed. I am obsessive about my linen closet. Everything has it's place. I must admit however to NOT loving folding it and putting it away.

When I was growing up, my Mom would get up early every morning and hang laundry out on the line in the backyard. Then she would sort it into piles on the sofa, one for each of us. It was our responsibility to fold these piles and put them away properly. When we were older, we were each assigned a younger sibling to help.

Every Friday afternoon, after cleaning my room, I would iron my three jumpers and five white Peter Pan collared blouses. This chore began for each of us in the third grade. My mother would spend four or five weeks showing us how to iron properly and then we would bring the item to her for inspection. 

With eight children in uniforms, this freed my mother to be available for other more pressing things ;) I was so good at it, that I inherited my Dad's ironing until I left home. I must tell you I love to starch a shirt. All of my brothers learned this skill as well and some of them iron their own shirts to this day, since their wives didn't get the same training.

I invested in a wonderful steam iron and have adjusted my technique over the years with the help of some wonderful resources, namely"Home Comforts" and "Laundry". This skill was further honed when my husband was still in the Navy on active duty. There is nothing more handsome than a man in uniform, especially a well pressed one! Ironing has helped me and my family remain frugal over the years and still look good. I have regular "laundry days" and a regular "ironing day". I pick a good movie or a book on CD and I am off to the races.

The 4 Real Learning Bloggers are having a "Simply Lovely Fair" all about laundry and all it involves. Here are some wonderful suggestions for achieving success in this area of you home management. Enjoy - I am off to fold my whites.