Mary's Book Basket...Fabulous Fiction....

I LOVE to read!!! If I am not mothering, writing or baking, then I am reading. I have a book basket in every room of my house filled with lots of good things to read for all ages and genre's. I noticed that I had not posted about Fiction yet, so here we go.

I am a HUGE fan of Inspirational Romances. I love happy endings and when the journey toward that is filled with a love of God, all the better.

I just finished a wonderful book by Margaret Daley called "Heart of the Family", part of a series she written about foster kids. It was wonderful redemptive tale filled with strong emotion and the theme of forgiveness. 

The two main characters, wounded by their childhoods, find a common link in their past that may keep them apart. Through their faith in God, and finally in each other, they see in each other what they had been missing in their life. A quick read and really enjoyable.

I also love Romantic Comedy. Camy Tang is a new author who writes inspirational chic lit with a wasabi twist. In "Sushi for One?' she delves into the Asian culture filled with extended family and generations of tradition and flips it on it's head with strong female characters searching for their way in this modern culture. Each trying to find God and a good fellow, all while maintaining their morals.
If you are in the mood for a good murder mystery, I highly recommend Michael Connelly's 'The Overlook". Filled with so many relevant topics of the day interwoven into a plot driven by lies and deception. It's like a roller coaster ride throwing you one way and then turning you upside down. I love that his main character, Det. Harry Bosch, isn't the perfect detective, yet figures it out every time. The ending will blow you away.

Next time in our reading corner..wonderful non-fiction!!

Happy Reading!