Mary's Book Basket...Fabulous Non-Fiction Books

Here are some Non-Fiction Titles I have read recently. All three were fabulous indeed.

My first pick is "A Grace Given" by Kent Gilges. He writes:
" There is a blessing sent from God in every burden of sorrow. There is hope in that, hope even in a dying child."
This is the hauntingly beautiful story of the life of Kent's daughter Elizabeth. This book is a testament to hope. It is unique read for me because it is told from the male perspective. Most memoirs I have read have been written by women. Kent writes with such emotion and wisdom. You know from the very first page that the love he holds in his heart for his daughter is the reason he gets up every day and walks the path God chose for him. As the mother of a disabled child, I thank Kent for this gift of words and for his family's witness to life. A definite tearjerker, but so worth the read.

Second, I highly recommend "The Authentic Catholic Woman" by Genevieve Kineke. Here is the description of the book found on the St. Anthony Messenger Press OnLine Catalog:

"What does it mean to be a woman today? Is there a one-size-fits-all answer? How can a woman be truly Catholic and truly feminine, hard-working and creative, and yet be at peace within? How does she nurture life at home, at school, on the job or in the culture?
In this profound yet practical guide, Genevieve Kineke invites women to consider the Church, the Bride of Christ, as the model for authentic Catholic womanhood. "The mission of women is inscribed in the mystery of the Church," Pope John Paul II said. The author explores facets of this mystery—the Church as mother, bride, spouse and teacher, as sacramental, as font of wisdom, source of culture, and life-giving sanctuary—and reveals how women mirror the Church in their core identity.
Faithful to this authentic identity, women will play a critical role in rebuilding a civilization of love and life."

This Book was a quick read and packed with history and insight. Genevieve's Website is also worth a look to get her take on current events and the "Feminine Genius" perspective.

My final pick for today is "A Return to Modesty: Discovering A Lost Virtue" by Wendy Shalit. Ms. Shalit reveals her frustration for modern society's take on modesty and how those who wish to remain pure for marriage are marginalized and looked upon with incredulity and as mentally fractured. 

She reveals her depth of knowledge with the incredible research she has done to support her point. Wonderful insights and an engaging read.

Happy Reading,