A Bittersweet Day...We Love You Son!

Graduation Day finally arrived and the sun shone for the first time in three days. The Mass was magnificent and Fr. Paul did a wonderful job inspiring the boys to ALWAYS SPEAK THE TRUTH WITH LOVE !

Time has gone too fast, but God has been so good to our family. Jonathan now begins the next adventure in his life, college away from home. Please continue to hold him and our family in your prayers as we all go forth on this new path.

Thank you Jonathan for being a son who always puts a smile on my face and in my heart. Thank you for loving your sister through all the heartache and difficulty. Thank you for seeing God's spirit within her always. We are so excited for you to go forward and live your very best life, following the path God has laid before you. A life filled with great joy and a strong faith knowing you will never be alone. God walks with you always. May everything you do and say bring honor and glory to Him always!

Our Love to you Always and Forever,
Mom, Dad and Courtney
(the song in the video is "Give You Wings' by Mark Harris)