Fabulous Friday Finds!

I can't believe how fast this week has gone! It's Friday once again and here is this weeks installment of some Fabulous Finds out on the World Wide Web. 

I spent some time searching for light summer fabric for a new dress for Courtney and was overwhelmed by my choices. I also found some things on child-rearing and politics that were intriguing and of course some Yummy Food finds. So Enjoy!!


Emma One SockWildrose FarmSimply SunshineManhattan Fabrics

Fabulous Modest Fashion:

Parenting:Summertime Lessons by Elizabeth Foss
"Give the Gift of Giving Gifts" on I Take Joy
"The Value Of Self-Government and Will Training" on I Take Joy

"Punishment?" on Your Sacred Calling

Authentic Femininity:
"So Much for Sisterhood" on feminine-genius

Yummy Food:"50 Fun Summer Dessert Ideas" on She Knows Parties
"back on a sugar high..." on culinary concoctions by peabody
"Garden Style Lasagna" on We Heart Food

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