Fabulous Friday Finds!

So, I thought I would try something new today. I am introducing a new weekly event called Fabulous Friday Finds! I will post links of different things that I have read this past week out in the world wide web. Some have made me think, some have made me bow my head in prayer and some make my mouth water. I hope you enjoy reading what I have found.

Memorial Day:
"Something to think about on Memorial Day" at Common Sense Barrage

Catholic Culture:
"The key to the culture" at feminine-genius
"Going to be with Jesus" at "Et Tu - the diary of a former atheist"
"A Radical Remedy' at Charlotte was Both

"Modest Fashion" on Starry Sky Ranch

"Home-Schooling does not hamper socialization" at Dr. Laura's Blog

"Trust and Obedience" on Testosterhome (the care and feeding of boys)
"Letting Go" at Home Sweet Heart
"The ache of May" at the journey to a mothers heart"Maria Sue Chapman, R.I.P. (2003-2008)" at Michelle Malkin

Yummy Food:
"Perfect Party Cake" at Cake Batter & Crumbs
"My Most Favorite Salad Ever, Ever, Ever, Ever!" at Pioneer Woman Cooks
"Peanut Butter Torte" at a whisk and a spoon"Brown Rice Vegetable Casserole" at Mommy Recipes
"Honey Mustard Marinade and More" at Come to the Table
"Off Roading" at Culinary Concoctions by Peabody