Our Pearl

Recently a friend of mine sent an update on her family. Included was a description of a dinner she and her husband had recently attended. There were many speakers at this gala event but one, a young priest, presented an analogy that I want to share with you. Therese writes:

"He told the story of how a pearl is made. It begins with a foreign object, like a piece of sand that gets into the oyster shell and creates an irritation. The oyster surrounds that irritation with healing fluids, which eventually adhere to the sand and form a pearl, which is one of the most beautiful jewels. He related that to how a sick/disabled child comes into a family, which is at first a problem/tragedy/difficulty. But, the healing graces begin to flow into that family, and into that child, from all the love and care from the surrounding community. That child, once thought of as a problem, becomes the beautiful pearl for that family, and is treasured like no other."

What a beautiful analogy. Courtney is our pearl, and God's healing grace flows through our home each and every day. There are days when that is the only things that saves us from falling into despair. Courtney shows us how to follow that path of grace toward the Kingdom of Heaven. She leads us, without saying a word, to seek God in all that we do, and we thank Our Lord for placing our pearl within the shell of our family. As the sea of life ebbs and flows may we all remember who calms the sea and brings us peace.