planning a homeschool graduation...

Dear Friends,
This will be my only post this week as we prepare for my son's Homeschool Graduation this Saturday. I cannot believe we are finally here. My heart is heavy to say goodbye to these learning years with so many wonderful memories, but I am so proud of this young man and all he has accomplished, even when the odds were stacked against him. He is ready to go and make the most of this grand adventure called LIFE! Oh, how my little boy has grown into a fine Catholic young man.

So please keep Jonathan and the rest of our family in your prayers as we enter a new phase of life, parents of a college freshmen! He is off to Ohio to attend Franciscan University in Stuebenville in the Fall. May God be a light unto his path and keep him close to His heart.

There is so much to do before Saturday and I was feeling very overwhelmed by all the details until I read this post by my dear friend Maria on her site "Home Sweet Heart".

Thanks my dear friend for providing a wonderful reality check in my day! I now have a new prayer that will bring peace to my heart.

I look forward to sharing pictures and thoughts this weekend. Please pray for for beautiful weather and no rain on Saturday!

Blessings to you All,