God is sufficient in ALL things!

What a week it has been! After three days with no power, I am finally getting back in the swing of things. It was NOT a pretty process. Tempers were short, it was sooo hot and nothing seemed to go right day after day after day! I was shown again and again what a blessing my life is and do you think I paid attention? No, not me, I was too busy being irritated and unpleasant. Did I say it was hot?

So last night after the power came back on, hubby and I headed to First Friday adoration and prayed for our hour thanking Our Lord for turning the power back on and giving us the perseverance and strength to get done everything that needed doing in the next 24 hours. We came home, went to bed and this morning began anew. The bad moods still prevailed over breakfast, since there was no cream for the coffee or milk for the oatmeal. Then there were the crowds at the Costco since apparently everyone elses power had just returned as well. And ohhhh nellliee was it hot! I understand now the true miracle of air conditioning! I will never take it for granted again!

So tonight after all the wash was put away, the hunger satisfied with a simple meal and things put back in order I looked at my hubby and said, "Let's try this again, shall we". So off we went to Praise and Worship Adoration at St. Leo's and we thanked Him for being patient with us, yet again in our discontent.

Slowly over the course of the next hour, He showed me through words and music how blessed I am to have the life I have. Even if I am broken and full of sin. Even if I yell and lose my patience. Even when I am the less than perfect mother and wife. For He is sufficient in ALL things. He is the source of ALL power.

Here Lord, I pour out my heart and thank You for loving me so much, You gave Your life, so that I may know salvation and spend an eternity with YOU. I praise you in the sacrifice for I know that You make me new again. You make up for everything I am lacking. Thank You Lord for being sufficient in all things.

During adoration the following song was played. I could not put into words what I was feeling and then God just showed me these and I thank Him for the graces they brought me. I hope they bring you the same. Praising Him in the sacrifice!

I am Blessed,

Pour Out My Heart
lyrics by Craig Musseau
sung by Everybodyduck

Here I am, once again
I pour out my heart
For I know that You hear
Every cry
You are listening
No matter what state my heart is in

You are faithful to answer
With words that are true
And a hope that is real
As I feel Your touch
You bring a freedom
To all that’s within
In the safety of this place
I’m longing to ...

Pour out my heart
To say that I love You
Pour out my heart
To say that I need You
Pour out my heart
To say that I’m thankful
Pour out my heart
To say that You’re wonderful
Oh, that You're wonderful