Summer Day Trip #1 ~ Marine Corps Museum ~ Triangle, VA

This past weekend was filled with history. On Saturday, our family traveled 45 minutes south to Triangle, VA to visit the National Museum of the Marine Corps. My husband is a USNA graduate, Class of '87. He served 12 years of active duty as a Navy P-3 NFO. He has been a student of Military History his whole life and is currently pursuing his Masters/PHD in History to one day fulfill his dream of teaching. So this day was for him.

We were greeted with the following quote:
"Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don't have that problem."
Ronald Reagan, President of the United States; 1985

That put a smile on my husbands face and I knew we had made the right choice for our trip. The Museum is only two years old and filled to the brim with the history of the US Marine Corps. Stories of "Honor, Courage and Commitment" fill this glorious building. There were many times that my family was overcome with the sacrifice of these brave men and women who have fought so bravely that we may all remain free.

When we arrived, there was an Officer Candidate Class of Marines visiting from nearby Quantico. They looked so young and yet so eager to learn of their Corps history, so ready to serve whatever may come. It's upon the blood, sweat and tears of these honorable young people that our country was founded and it's freedom preserved.

For three years our family lived at NAB Little Creek in Virginia Beach, VA while my husband was serving aboard the USS Enterprise. Many a day I would walk out on my front porch to see the Seal Teams practice, and watch the young Marines go through their drills. It is an impressive thing to see a Marine go through his or her physical paces.

The display of Marine Air power at the museum is quite impressive and the Marine Corps History time-line is phenomenal. It took us about three hours to go through the whole museum, but it was so worth it. It was free to get in, completely handicapped accessible and very child friendly.

The jewel of the trip was listening to the stories of the Marine volunteers who served in different wars.It was like sitting on the front porch while my dad told his war stories of Vietnam. Living history makes everything so much more real. Pictures and displays are one thing but to talk to some one who was on Iwo Jima or Tarawa is priceless. I must admit though that my favorite part though was a little silly in light of all the history I was surrounded with. In the gift shop there is a HUGE Lego display of the the Flag at Iwo Jima. Too Cool!
I highly recomend this museum to any and all! May God Bless the United States Marine Corps!

"Courage is endurance for one moment moreā€¦"
Unknown Marine Second Lieutenant in Vietnam