joy in suffering...

"It's all in your attitude," my father would say time and time again. "You truly only have one choice each day to make that is yours and yours alone. Is it going to be a good day or a bad day? Are you going to greet each moment with a smile in your heart AND on your face or with the frown of negativity?"

Yes, my father was a very wise man. Not perfect, but very wise. I find myself repeating his words daily, to myself and various members of my family.

When I wrote my previous post "Which Would You Choose?", I touched briefly on the attitude of hope in ALL things, whether it be tragedy or triumph. We must try to have a positive attitude. This is so difficult sometimes, believe me I know. I fail many times a day. Then, I pick myself up, and try again. It's what Christ did when He carried His cross. He picked Himself up and tried again.

I read "On Keeping Joy While Suffering" over at A Gypsy Caravan this morning and by then end I had the quotes printed out and was praying for Rebbecca and her family. It was so inspiring to read how she views the world, even during the dark and trying times.

I can empathize with everything she said and believe it to be true. Blessings from God do not always come tied up in a pretty little package. The hardest thing we ever face, may in turn be the best thing to ever happen to us. Trust and Pray. God will see you through, ALWAYS!
Smiling and trying again,