And Their Off...

Well, today I gave birth to a college freshmen. Jonathan has safely arrived in Steubenville, Ohio and his dorm room has been set up. Tomorrow it's all about buying books. Jerry said everything went smoothly and Jonathan was talking a mile a minute, he was so excited.

As for me, I am OK. I didn't cry when they left. I just smiled and said a prayer. I am having a little trouble comprehending that I am actually at this point in my life. It feels huge to me, but no tears yet. I am sure they will sneak up on me. They always do.

I have begun a massive deep clean and de-cluttering effort in the house. Today it was the master bathroom, hallway closet and Courtney's room. I will sleep well tonight, I can tell you that! Tomorrow is the master bedroom and the living room. Oy, those won't be easy. Distraction is the key to happiness!
I will post pictures of the college freshman and his dorm when Jerry gets back on Saturday.