The Beautiful Chesapeake Bay...

What a fabulous 48 hours! Filled with prayer, lots of laughter and the Bay. First I have to thank Emma and her beautiful family for hosting our youth group. They were beyond generous. Not only were we able to share in a crab feast at the family's restaurant, but also a boat ride and hours of fun by the water.

Our trip began with the best crabs Maryland has to offer at the fabulous Captain Pat's Restaurant in St. Mary's County, MD. If you ever have a chance, stop in. You will not be disappointed. Below is the lovely Miss Emma and my Courtney at the restaurant as well as a picture of our supper. This was the first Youth Ministry trip that I have taken Courtney on. The kids asked if she could come, so she did. It's not often that teenagers are comfortable around a severely handicapped child, but these guys have been hanging out and praying for this kid for three years. They were wonderful with her.


Then it was off to the beautiful Jang home on Piney Point. This is the view from the backyard.


The kids had a fabulous time Thursday starting with praise and worship. Brian, our Youth Minister, has a tremendous gift to connect with these kids. His ability to spread the Gospel of Christ is similar to that of St. Francis. "Teach the Gospel and if you must, use words." He has answered the call to serve the youth and he does it well.

Then it was off to enjoy a boat ride and swimming. The kids split into groups of two, the underclassmen and the upperclassmen. We have a large group do seniors that will be off to college next week and they wanted to take the last boat ride together.

This was Jonathan's last Youth Ministry trip. It has been a wonderful three years for him. He came into this group as a sophomore in high school and was welcomed with open arms. I followed to "help" in the kitchen and I have been cooking ever since, loving every minute of it. I am so blessed to be in a parish that cares for it's youth and is providing outstanding programs to guide them and help to strengthen their faith. I will continue to serve for at least another year. It will be hard without Jonathan, but Courtney will be by my side as always. Below is Brian (the YM), Jonathan and Emma.

Brian is a Steubenville grad and J and E will be attending this fall. May God make their path smooth and hold them close to Him.

To all of you who serve in Youth Ministry, may God continue to give you the words of encouragement needed to pass on to our youth and the strength to continue to be His witness here for all to see.


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