Big Man on Campus...Or So He Thinks

Well Jerry has returned safely from Steubenville. J is all moved in and ready to go. He even made his bed! We went to Mass this morning, just the three of us and it was different. Of course, I didn't have anyone to prod because they were falling asleep during the homily either. So there are pluses.
This week I continue my cleaning binge. I have the Kitchen, Pantry, and then the dreaded Upstairs rooms to finish. This includes Jonathan's room. That one will be more of an excavation than cleaning. But, it must be done. The distractions have helped. I don't find myself weeping in a corner, just experiencing waves of sentimentality.
Later this week we begin the baking extravaganza to help stock the "Country Store" for our churches Labor Day Picnic. We will be kicking off the 150th Anniversary Celebrations and mass will be celebrated by Bishop Loverde. It promises to be great fun.
Enjoy the pictures!

J and J with all the "stuff" for Steubenville

J actually made his bed!

J at his desk where many an "A" paper will be written

Jonathan and Emma, a friend from St. Mary's