Fall Project #1 ~ A New Quilt for the Master Bedroom

Now that Jonathan is off at school and Courtney begins next week, I have been pondering my Fall Projects. The first on my list is to finish de-cluttering and cleaning the house. I am done with the downstairs and will being upstairs next week.

For awhile now I have been missing one of my favorite creative outlets, sewing, specifically quilting. So I have been on the hunt for awhile for the perfect fabric to make a new quilt for our Master Bedroom. The walls are a peaceful light blue and my favorite color is green. So I wanted to bring those two colors together. How do you think I did?

Now I just need to find the right pattern and we are off and running. I will probably machine quilt the top and then spend the time hand quilting it together. I love that part of the process. The handwork. It will take some time, but I promise to share with you the finished product.
What is your favorite creative outlet? I would love to know...

Happy Sewing,

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