pray for those who can't...

Today was my 20th Wedding Anniversary. I had planned to post a picture and say sweet and loving words about the man God found for me. The love of my life, my best friend and my heart. I am so blessed.

But instead, I am writing to ask for prayers, Many, many prayers for my dear friend and her loving husband. They are in the midst of a very serious medical crisis and need to be surrounded by prayer. I have spent much of the day praying the rosary for them and for wisdom, strength and counsel for those sent to help them. It made me realize something. When we experience true crisis, the kind where all you can do is take one breath at a time, one step at a time and hope that someone will be there to catch us when we fall, prayer ceases to happen. We can't do it, we can't remember the words.

My friend said to me, "Mary, my hands are on the beads, but I can't find the words. Please say it for me. Please help me pray." So I did and I continue to, so we all do. This is when the church comes alive with the Holy Spirit. We gather with one collective voice and we pray for God's grace and we pray unceasingly. I picked up my rosary as I was standing in line at a store in the mall and I prayed. I called my mother and she prayed. I called my prayer team and they prayed. We called upon the mantle of Mary to cover them, we called upon her Son, Our Lord Jesus, to cover them with His love and His grace.

I ask each of you who will see this post to do the same. Pray for them. God knows who they are and He will honor that prayer. This is a time when we help to sustain and support a couple who are living "in sickness and in health". They are living that vow spoken in youth and love. They know what it means to honor God in ALL things, to walk with Him and rely on HIS grace. Whatever comes, they will walk in faith. They will love each other and their God.

I came across this post at a holy experience "When Bad Things Happen...". It is a powerful testimony about God's grace, whatever He allows. Do we believe He is with us in the good and the bad? Take a moment and read these powerful words. Then say a prayer for your family and a prayer for my friends. We all need each other in these times of crisis. We all need to pray when those struggling cannot.
Below is a video by the Christian group Third day. It is the song "Cry Out To Jesus". It is what we do when the pain and burdens are too much. So reach out to Him who holds you close to His heart. We struggle with trust and fear. Cry to Him, and let Him hold you and wipe away your tears. Trust that all will be well with God by your side.

Thank You for your prayers. May God Bless each of you.