San Francisco 2008

I returned this past Tuesday from the lovely left coast. I had spent a week in San Francisco. The weather was fantastic, cool and breezy, but the company even better. Why was I there you ask? Well to attend the National Convention of the Romance Writers of America. I can hear some of my catholic friends now..."Mary, you aren't going to write THOSE kinds of books are you?" No dear friends, my idea of romance involves a wonderful story of a man and a woman who are brought together and learn what true love is all about without taking off their clothing. There will be none of THOSE scenes in my book. I promised myself I would never write something my father couldn't read with a clear conscience.

This is not something I have ever shared with my blogging public before so I am a little nervous. I love books, all kinds of books. I have always loved writing since I was a young lady in high school working on the school paper. I have always had stories in my head and I have decided that it's the right time in my life to start writing them down. This is a lot harder than I originally thought, but very fulfilling. So I ask for your prayers as I pursue these goals of seeing my stories published some day.

My favorite part of the conference was listening to Debbie Macomber's talk (Pictured with me below). She shared how when she was a young girl, her parents were told again and again how Debbie was a nice girl, but didn't have much going for her in the academic arena. But Debbie persevered and said "I knew I was a good storyteller, I just needed to learn how to be a better writer." This brought tears to my eyes, because that's exactly how I feel. So I learn more each day and I write, write, write!

So I begin this journey and we shall See where it leads. This is a year of new beginnings and lots of changes in our home, so off we go to live life to the fullest. May God be with each of you while you pursue your dreams!