Weekend Project

This past weekend there was a lot of noise going on at the Lenaburg house. Hammers, saws and a few colorful metaphors expressed loudly as well. Jerry, Jonathan and our dear friend Tim Shermer with his two older children, Becca and Nicholas, helped build a new deck to replace the 20 year old one on the back of the house. It was a beautiful day and they all worked so hard. Tim is a gifted contractor and his kids worked their tails off. This was their gift to Courtney so she could have a safe surface to be able to practice her walking on in her gait trainer.
I have known Tim and his lovely wife Andrea since high school and we are beyond blessed to have shared part of our homseschooling journey with them over the past several years. Tim has offered his services as a contractor at the Arlington Diocese's Workcamp from many years. He is an awesome friend and true servant of God. There are not enough thank you's in the world to adequately express our appreciation.
So thanks Shermer's! Next time your here, I promise, no manual labor!!!

After Demo

Jonathan, Becca and Jerry

Nick and Jonathan almost finished.

Taaaadaaa!! The great and powerful Tim (with his minions) It's Beautiful!