"O Woman of Great Faith..."

Well the Holy Spirit and Saint Scholastica were definitely with us on Sunday as Courtney received her confirmation. It was an incredible day, one that Jerry and I never thought would come to be.
The Gospel for Sunday was absolutely perfect for our family especially me and my daughter. It was the story of the Canaanite women whose daughter was tormented by a demon. She was persistent and kept coming to Jesus to ask for healing for her daughter. She annoyed the apostles who told Jesus to get rid of her. But she persisted knowing in her heart that Jesus was the only one who could heal her daughter. Finally Jesus replied 'O woman of great faith! Let it be done for you as you wish." and her daughter was healed.

I quietly wept in the pew as this gospel was being proclaimed. I had not looked up the readings for the day, so I was surprised and my breath caught when father began reading these very familiar words. Oh how good God is! I love this story, I live this story each and every day.

I persevere in prayer that God heal our daughter. Yes, I have accepted this path for my life. Yes, I love my daughter however God wishes to give her too me. No, I am not crazy to think that God could heal her in an instant and change the course of this story, if He chose too. You see, God can do anything for anyone who believes. He can heal, He can empower, He can impart wisdom, mercy and understanding. If we persevere in prayer. If we but ask and accept that His will be done in all situations.
Courtney is a miracle. Her life is a miracle. She is still with us because God's work in her and with her is not yet done. So we persevere. We pray, we continue to walk a step at a time toward Our Father the one who knows all things and provides all things. He will give us everything we need, if we only ask.
I asked him to confirm Courtney and He did. I asked that she not have any seizures during the Mass or afterward and He granted that prayer. I asked him to strengthen her body to stay with us a while longer, and He did. I ask that when He calls her home, that He give me the strength needed to let her go and I know that He will.

I thank all of you who faithfully read this blog and pray for my daughter each and every day. Without you, our prayerful army, none of this would be possible. So please keep praying and watch the wonders God has in store for all of us.

Blessings with a Thankful Heart,
Mary, Jerry, Jonathan and Courtney

Courtney and her sponsor Christine Silva at the alter awaiting the anointing by Fr. Barkett

Father anoints her. St. Scholastica, Pray for Us!

Jerry, Me, Courtney and Fr. Barkett (With Our Blessed Lady in the background)

The Family with Christine

Marques and Christine Silva, the Confirmation sponsors for Courtney and Jonathan

Jonathan and Courtney with their cousins at the party after Confirmation