Birthday Bliss!

What a wonderful day I had yesterday. I am so blessed to have the life I do. I was surrounded but such love all day, it was overwhelming and I don't think I have smiled or laughed that much in a long time. My day started with Mass and then coffee with two wonderful sisters in Christ. Then it was off to pick out my birthday cupcakes from the fabulous bakery CAKELOVE. Oh my, I get to celebrate a little each night for the next week. There were so many choices, I just got two of everything until I reached my limit. So far, the vanilla with lime butter cream has been my favorite. Such decadence. After achieving cupcake nirvana, I had the pleasure of getting my toes done. I know, not very frugal, but it's my birthday, so I enjoyed being a girly girl.

After returning home and answering all the lovely emails celebrating the occasion, I made my favorite meal. This has been my birthday dinner since I was ten years old. I don't think I have had one birthday without it since then. My Grandma Stuecken' Roladen with new potatoes, green beans and gravy. Yummy!

I can't believe it's been six weeks since J left for collage. I miss his smiling face! Jerry and Courtney made the day special with all the little things. I cannot believe how much one life can change in one year. Thank you Lord for the many blessings you have bestowed upon me and my family. I feel so unworthy, but promise to do my best with everything that has been given and trust you with everything that has been taken away. Thanks to everyone who made this the best birthday in a long time. It's one I won't soon forget!

A Little Cakelove!
My favorite dinner. So good!