God Whispers and the Devil Shouts...

I came across this blog entry written by Angie at Bring the Rain. I have written about her beautiful daughter, Audrey Caroline before. It is powerful. I encourage you to read it to the end.

When God is whispering in my ear, everything else in my life tends to be so loud that it is hard to hear. Isn't that always the case with spiritual warfare. God whispers and the devil shouts. I have experienced many, many times in my life when the pull to be somewhere, talk to someone in particular or do something is so strong, I cannot ignore it. It's only as time unfolds where God shows me why He was pulling and what He needed to do or say or have me hear.

Angie received a wonderful gift when she listened to that voice not letting anything stand in her way. She relied completely on God and trusted He would take care of everything. He will. He always does. So next time you feel that pull, go with it and see what gifts He has in store for you. Live the great adventure of life, one prayer at a time.