I Will Not Be Silent!!!

I was reading my First Things blog this past weekend and came across this lovely piece. The title alone was enough to make me want to throw up, "When Not Aborting is Immoral". After I finished reading, I went to the source listed in the piece and after reading that, I felt like hitting someone. If this is the thought process for the so called "intellectual elite", may God help us. I have spent 36 hours praying about this post, so here goes. May the Holy Spirit guide my hands as I type.

As many who read this blog know, I am the very proud mother of a 16 year old severely disabled daughter. She is blind, non- verbal, non-ambulatory young lady who is at the developmental age of a 7-12 month old child. She wears diapers and cannot feed herself. Her lungs are very slowly filling with fluid and she has massive seizures everyday that at times, threaten her life. Now I know that this sounds very dramatic and very dire, but if you have been walking this path as long as we have, believe me when I say, it's not.

It is challenging, it's lonely and yes, very expensive. It requires a physical, mental and spiritual strength that at times, I don't have, but God mercifully provides. He has cared for our family each step along the way. This young lady has a wonderful life. She is loved and cared for, she is celebrated and she inspires. She is leading a dignified life, walking the path God put in front of her with grace and determination. God gave her parents who loved Him and would fight to keep her with them as long as He allowed. What does this have to do with the article mentioned above? Plenty!

We did not know anything was wrong with Courtney until five weeks after her birth, when she had her first seizure. My pregnancy was uneventful and her birth was peaceful and beautiful. It was a gift. Then all hell broke loose a few weeks later. Sarah Palin did know that her son would have Downs Syndrome, and she chose LIFE for that child, knowing it would be wrought with challenges and struggles. Was she prepared? Was I? Who truly is when your having children. Each is so different and their needs are completely unique to them. To say to ANY parent let alone a special needs parent, that their child is not worth fighting for, let me at 'em!

People are afraid of suffering, especially Americans. If they hurt, they want a pill to fix it. They completely miss the golden opportunities God places in our path to embrace Him through suffering. Oh, I forgot, according to them, I am just weak and clinging to me religion as a crutch. I did not ask for this journey, but I will not abandon my daughter to the likes of these people. I will fight until my dying breath for her and those like her to be seen as the beautiful, loving souls they are. I will provide the best home I can and the best medical care I can. I will humble myself to allow others in charity and grace to help provide these things for her when I cannot. I will cling to my God in all I do, hoping to bring Him all the honor and glory for what is good in my life.

God does not make mistakes people! Ever!! Just because my daughter can't read a book or go to college, does not mean she should be thrown away. Mother Theresa said "Without suffering, there would be no need for compassion." I could not agree more. My daughter has taught me that to smile is a thing of beauty, to laugh a miracle. She has taught me to rely completely on God, for I am not in control.

From the blogpost:
"Special needs children can bring out the best in people. They draw out compassion, patience, a joy for the simple things in life in people around them," says Wright. "In some ways, we need special needs people more than they need us."
That is, we need the mentally retarded to teach us how to better sacrifice our lives and divest ourselves of our self-interested ways more than they need us to care for them. At Noodlefood, Diana Hsieh condemns such a stand as "the worship of retardation." Given that Palin had complete foreknowledge of her child's severe disability yet nevertheless chose to have it, it is hard not to see her choice as anything less.

The "worship of retardation"? No, you morons, it's the respect of the uniqueness of each and every person on this planet no matter what their abilities are! It's recognizing the face of Christ in all you encounter and the dignity of each soul. To be able to help someone, or serve someone who cannot serve you. It's be humble in the presence of these special ones, knowing that they give nothing but love. That's all they know how to do, love you, no matter what.

No, I will not be silent while the world embraces the idea that my child is not equal because she is somehow less of a human being. So who gets to decide if my daughter lives or dies? My God has already spoken. We are all created equal in His sight. My country has spoken in it's Declaration of Independence that each citizen has the right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." Once you go down this path, who is next? Alzheimer's patients, incurable cancer patients, autistic children, the old and infirm? Who decides who is worth saving? Whose life is worth living? Humanity is at a cross road. I cannot be silent!

My daughter has more dignity and grace in her little finger than I do. She is a warrior, courageous in the battle she fights each day for life. She has suffered and offered more prayers and sacrifices than I ever will. She walks side by side with Christ each second of the day, relying completely on Him for everything she has. She is a witness to His Gospel and His mercy and love. That my friends is the definition of a saint. Her life is a miracle, a testament to God's steadfastness and unfailing love. She has given everything for her God, all He asks of me is to love her and protect her with my life, to be her voice in this world. I am honored to do so. I will not be silent!
Can you hear me now?? Am I loud enough??

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