Labor Day 2008!

So, how did you spend your labor day? I had my face in a pie. Yep, I really did. Our parish is celebrating it's 150th Anniversary this year. We have been having a Labor Day picnic on the grounds of the Historic Church for 133 years. This year, I helped put together the "Historic Games" recreating games from 1858. We had sack races, three-legged races, potato in the spoon race and an old fashioned pie eating contest. I doubt the pie eating contest is historically accurate, but it was fun!
Our Bishop came and celebrated Mass with us and we spent the day surrounded with friends and family. We missed Jonathan this year, since he is away at school. He would have either loved the fact that his mother won her heat in the pie eating contest, or run away in complete mortification! It goes to show you, I will do anything for charity. Well, almost anything. Not pretty, but lots of fun! Enjoy the photos and Happy Labor Day!
Bishop Loverde of the Arlington Diocese saying Mass with former pastors and deacons of St. Mary of Sorrows

Me and my pie eating competition, Marques Silva. He's goin DOWN!

Like I said, not pretty at all!


Me and my friend Therese with whom I spent a wonderful afternoon running the Historic Games. She Rocks!!