So what are you waiting for?

Other than the time spent with family and good friends yesterday, this was my favorite gift. My friend Cathy found it in the October '08 Maryknoll magazine and said it spoke to her all about me. I was so touched. The tears were streaming after reading it. So, I thought I would share this gift. I hope it touches you like it did me. Thanks Cathy!
Much Love,
Who? Me?
by Father Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.

Yes, you! You, who think your sins too great, your faults too many,
Your talents too few and your words too weak,
You, who feel so small compared to the enormous task at hand,
You, who doubt your faith is strong enough to stand against the powers
And temptations of this present age.
Let your faith in Me Overcome the doubts in you.

Strive for perfection and holiness but do not wait till their attainment.
The people of the world cannot afford to wait that long.
Somewhere on this earth someone longs to hear
My voice through your lips, my words through your mouth.
Someone waits to know My love, My mercy, My forgiveness
Through your simple willingness to be there.

Of course I know your weaknesses.
They make you who and what you are and I love you no less
Nor could I love you any more than when, despite everything,
You try, you fail, you try again. And, at length, you trust
Me who calls you to be with me always, just as I said.
If you believe in me, recall I too believe in you.

I call you by name, I know you by heart.
Everything in your life til now has brought you to this day
For better or worse. Come then, follow me on the Way
And you will fill your soul's deepest longing. I promise.
Do not be afraid. I will be safe haven in the storm.
So what are you waiting for?