"Fireproof" Date Night...

Tonight my husband and I were finally able to see the movie "Fireproof". With J home for the weekend, we had a sitter, so with his blessing we enjoyed a rare night out with dinner and a movie. J stayed home with Court and read stories and rubbed her feet, her two favorite things in the world. Oh, how she has missed her big brother!

What a powerful message this movie has. The story line authentic and true and the acting had it's moments. Kurt Cameron did a tremendous job! The writing was witty and thought provoking. It held our attention throughout. It reinforced the concept that their are three people in a marriage. You, your spouse and Christ. Without Him, it's empty and void of the strength to survive whatever battles come your way. You never leave your partner, especially when battling fire! This movie has it all. Joy, Pain, Redeeming Love, Forgiveness...what a hopeful tale!

After the movie, Jerry and I talked for quite sometime about the state of our own marriage, the good and bad. I have been married to this wonderful man for 20 years. I am blessed to walk beside him each day and to be the mother to four souls, two with God and the two with us here on earth. We have faced many, many battles in our life together, and some we have won, some we have lost but God has been present at each and every turn. We are two imperfect people who have made a covenant with God and each other to love and serve one another and our God for eternity. This is not an easy thing, as any of you who are married know, but the joy, the love that graces us each day far outweighs the difficulties and pain that have come over the years.

I remember how I felt the day I married this man. I was so IN love with him. I was brimming with joy and wanted to talk about him with anyone and everyone. He was perfect! He was kind and fiercely protective and loyal, handsome and very witty. I was so young, so naive, and entirely clueless as to what was waiting for us. But completely confident that whatever it was, we would face it together and we would not falter. I still want to be that young woman who loved her husband with such passion and joy!

Little did I know what would come, the challenges and hardships, but again, the love outweighs it all. God's love for us, and our love for each other. Yes, we have faltered and fallen in sin, but with His mercy and love surrounding us, through the healing grace of the sacraments, we get up and try again. God did not give up on us and we shall not give up on Him. I look forward to another 20 years with my love, whatever may come. God be always praised!

The music in the movie at times moved me to tears. There were two songs in particular. The first is called "While I'm Waiting" sung by John Waller. It's about waiting for God to speak to us, to direct us in our path. How many times do we bring something before God and then He asks us to "wait" on Him for an answer? I have to remind myself all the time that God's timing is perfect timing. It's not about my will, but His. This song just spoke to my heart and I wanted to share it with you.

Listen with your heart open to Him. While we wait for an answer, we don't just sit and do nothing. We continue to serve Him, we praise Him, we keep walking with Him. He will not forsake us, EVER! We must be patient and wait upon Him.

The other song is called "Love Is Not A Fight" sung by Warren Barrfiled. This one you will have to go directly to YouTube to view. It's a powerful message all about love, it IS worth fighting for! Always remember that!

Be open to God's plan for you and your marriage. God LOVES to surprise us! You never know what miracles await you, just keep believing and love one day at a time!