God As My Workout Partner

A few months ago I joined a gym. Not a fancy, schmancy, body building mecca, but a local woman's gym that is small and very affordable. A place I don't have to worry about what brand my workout gear is (Walmart anyone?) or if some lude man is trying to look down my shirt while I lift weights. I call it the "happy gym". Everyone there is smiling and friendly. The staff has been helpful with putting together a plan for me that includes weights, cardio and floor work. They are encouraging and supportive of their clients trying to lead healthier lives.

I am not what you would call a gym rat. I am not fond of working out. I hate to sweat, I mean I really hate it. When I was younger, I played four sports a year and was the size of a small twig. I really was. I loved it. But, that was then, now is not so pretty. I haven't played basketball or soccer in years. Now, I lift weights, huff and puff through the StairMaster and am the size of a California Redwood stump. I used to be the lovely "S" or "Hourglass" figure. My current shape is an oversize plump marshmallow, spun sugar filled with hot air. Yummy in hot chocolate, not so much for workout gear.

How did this happen? How did I get to a place where the lovely, happy trainer says the magic words "Your BMI is 50%". Yes, I actually put it in writing. I am 50% cupcake and 50% Me! This is one cupcake I DON'T want to eat! The funny thing is, I can tell you exactly how I got here. 15 years of eating my emotions and being unconscious when it came to taking care of myself. I was everything to everyone, and I forgot that I need to take a few moments each day and say hello to the person God wants and needs me to be, not the one I think I should be. I need to pay attention to this temple that He has generously provided for me to do His work and not continue to abuse it. I don't say this to elicit that sad sigh most people would give me. I say it, because it is time for CHANGE!( I know, so cliched but I couldn't resist). What kind of change, you ask? How do I become 100% Me able to eat a cupcake once in awhile?

By going to the "happy gym", with God as my workout partner. Sweating with as much grace and dignity that I can muster, with my iPod blasting the best inspirational Christian music I can find. I Praise Him with every step, every weight lifted. I beg Him for the strength to finish and be stronger. I am concsious of everything I put in my mouth. I pray before going into the grocery store, that I stick to my list and make good choices. I don't even go down the aisles of temptation. Too many pitfalls there waiting to snare me in their trap. I try to workout a little longer and a little stronger the weeks there are celebrations so I can eat the cupcakes and not add another one to my thigh!! I keep a journal and write down what is bothering me or frustrating me and then take it to God in prayer. Because without Him as my workout partner, it just ain't gonna happen.

So when you see yummy food posted here with those very tempting photographs and you wonder, "How does she eat that and not end up looking like it?", know that I am at the "happy gym" making all the cupcakes slide away, one sweat bead at a time. Thanks be to God for running this race with me!


PS. I would love to know how you keep yourself fit and fabulous, as well as any yummy recipes you would love to share that are health conscious! Leave a comment!