Just Smile...

Life is hard.

This is a no brainier.

We make it harder than it has to be.

Again, not really rocket science.

How we react and deal with whatever comes our way...that is the true test.

So what do you do when...after working hard all day, you have spent two hours on Monday night preparing a wonderful "Comfort" meal for your spouse. In our house food is love, so there was a lot of love going on with Herbed Chicken, Roasted Vegetables and my first pan of stuffing for the season. All was laid out with great flair waiting for my love to arrive. He came home and then ran out for a 5 minute errand to put gas in the van so I wouldn't have to do it in the cold tomorrow. Gotta love this man!

The phone rings...the car won't start. Is it the battery, the alternator..who knows.

Food is getting cold, tempers are running short, what is THE problem. A tow-truck is called and TWO hours later, my love comes home and announces that he needs to get a new battery for the van.

I am waiting with a hot meal (thank goodness for microwaves) a hug and a smile.

Thank You Jerry for loving me so much...