A Parent's Job is...

...to get our children to heaven!
There were tears in my eyes after reading this beautiful story about Mary Breda and her young daughter Monica who died from a brain tumor:

Kristen: How old was she at the time?

Mary: Not yet three. When I look back, I see what a wise little soul she was, establishing her own little relationship with our Lord. We hadn’t talked to her about death; how do you tell a two year old about it?! But she said, “if I die, I’ll go see Jesus and all the angels and all the saints. But we are going to pray to all the saints that I get better.” I didn’t have to say it; she just knew.

Kristen: That’s amazing…

Mary: As hard as it was, she had a beautiful death. I learned that my children, all children… they aren’t yours. We have to give them back to our Lord…that’s our job. Our ultimate job is to help them get into heaven. She guaranteed that I have that for her – that brings me great joy.

These "special children" have an awareness of God that I envy at times. They are suffering souls. I know that God has a plan for Courtney and all those He calls to live in a "special way". I know that one day God will call my children to Him. It is my prayer that they are ready and I have done all I can to bring them closer to Him. In our case though, I think Courtney has evangelized the Gospel and brought us closer to God instead of the other way around.

You can read the rest of the story by Kristen West McGuire at Secretum Meum Mihi Press.. Thanks Jennifer for writing a wonderful post.