Special Needs Parents and the Election of 2008...

The current political climate is anything but peaceful. It reminds me of being in the the ER when my daughter is in distress with a massive seizure. People are yelling for life saving equipment, tubes and needles everywhere. The monitors are blaring and you watch carefully for every little blip, hoping to see a positive change. It is chaos pure and simple and in the end if your lucky, the outcome will be the peace and quiet of watching Court taking lots of deep breaths as you prepare mentally, physically and spiritually for the next battle God may bring to my door.

Everyone I encounter is passionate about their candidate, whichever one it is. People are yelling and screaming at each other, they are disrespecting private property, personal space and being downright unkind to their neighbor. It is controlled chaos and I can't wait for it to stop. I realized today however that this is probably a pipe dream. When one is fighting for LIFE, the war will not be pretty. It will be loud and scary and full of bloodshed.

I am a special needs parent. My daughter is a beautiful gift from God. She teaches me to love more deeply each and ever day. She makes me appreciate the simplicity of daily life as she knows it. She teaches love. She knows only love. She teaches me what it is to serve and be the hands and feet of Christ.

Social justice is quite the hot topic among Catholics these days talking about things like health care, a living wage, immigration and affordable housing. But what do any of these things mean without the respect for the basic dignity of human life? People who talk about social justice talk about protecting the vulnerable and weak. Who is more weak than a child who cannot speak for themselves, either in the womb or out of it? How can we speak to these other issues if we cannot even protect the most innocent among us?

How ironic is it that medical technology has become so advanced that we can now "choose" to have a special needs child or not? When did the children get a "choice" on whether or not they want a shot at life? I was shocked and surprised to learn that 90% of unborn babies with Downs Syndrome never make it out of the womb. What if they develop a test to diagnose autism in the womb? or cerebral palsy? Where does it end? Will those children be wiped out as well? Will parents only want to have "perfect" children? Where is the social justice in that?
Sarah Palin knew she was going to have this particular challenge and instead of giving into fear and what the world sees as "imperfection", she and her family embraced their son and welcomed him with love.

"The first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act. That's the first thing that I'd do." -- Senator Barack Obama, speaking to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, July 17, 2007

Barrack Obama is THE most pro-choice senator. His professed first act as president would be to sign into law the most radical pro-abortion bill ever created. This bill would remove any and ALL restrictions on abortion. He also favors federal funding of abortion which means I will be paying for the killing of innocent children. NOT ACCEPTABLE! EVER!! Read more about this atrocity here.

So I am called once again to go above and beyond what I am comfortable with, to swallow my fear and pride and fight the good fight. To not be afraid of the loneliness and the rejection of people I once thought of as friend. I am a special needs parent and God gave me a voice to defend the voiceless. This is not just about abortion. This is about all those who cannot fend for themselves. This is about all those who have been abandoned and thrown away by society and labeled "burden" and "unproductive". This is the war I was put on this planet to fight. To defend the sanctity of LIFE. This is for my daughter and all those who are like her. This is why we MUST elect John McCain and Sarah Palin. Because without LIFE, we have nothing to defend, for we will not exist.

I found the following video this afternoon. I am proud to be counted among the special needs parent population. I am proud to support this mother. Thank you Courtney at Peace! Be Still for sharing this video.