Where Have I Been??

My blogging time over the next several weeks will be drastically curtailed due to some new circumstances in my life. Everything is fine. God is so good. I have accepted a temporary long term substitute job at my daughters school that will last approximately 5-6 weeks. This means long days serving the most beautiful disabled children on the planet and much less time for individual pursuits such as blogging. 

This is a huge blessing to my family to be able to earn some extra income without any of the stress or worry about who will take care of Courtney if she has a seizure while I am at work. I will, because I will be just down the hall from her. So thanks be to God for his generosity to my family.
I will post when I can, but as always God and family first. Until next time, please keep my family in your prayers as I learn a few lessons about letting go of my perfectionist expectations and allow God to work on my pride one day at a time.