All Souls Day...

Today is a day for remembering. Remembering all those who have gone to God before us. As is our tradition for the past seven years, my family visited my father's grave at Arlington National Cemetery. We stood and prayed the rosary for the repose of his soul. We remembered his jokes, his laugh and how he loved bubble gum. Jonathan was home this weekend which made the trip especially moving for me. He shared how Grandpa Green taught him to play chess and always had a rosary in his pocket.

Today we prayed for Betsy who went home to God two years ago tomorrow. I think of Betsy everyday. Oh how I miss that child's smile and her giggle. I pray to her often, Courtney and I both, praying for strength and perseverance in a race that some days seems to take the very breath of life from us. She gives us hope that we will one day see her smiling face again. She suffered so much while on this earth, but now she is at peace basking in the glory of God. We prayed for Benjamin, Nicky and Taylor who all left us way too soon. It was a good day to thank God for the blessings of this life, no matter what form they take, no matter what they require of us. God is love. Love breads hope and hope brings joy.

I am grateful for the life I have been given. I am honored to have had so many young saints walk through my life. May they rest with the heavenly angels, singing God's praises for eternity.

May we remember all who have gone before us by thanking Our Creator who placed them in our path to teach us to love, hope and pray!