Santa's Helpers...

On Saturday (after the cookie fest the day before) we were visited by Santa and a very rowdy group of his elves. They came to spread some special magic elf dust and help us decorate our home for the holidays. I know that many families wait until later in the season to decorate, but I grew up decorating the house the weekend of Thanksgiving. So my little Christmas fairy Christine brought along her helpers, both young and old and we had a blast putting the house together. There was laughter and LOTS of hot chocolate with HUGE marshmallows! Now all I have to do is finish sewing some gifts and baking some cookies and our Simple Homemade Christmas will be a great success.
We have so much to be thankful for. This Advent we are singing for joy to Our God who has filled our home with abundant grace and so many blessings. Enjoy the pictures!
Santa and his chief elf!
The Christmas Fairy and some VERY ROWDY elves!!
The reason for the season
My favorite of Santa's helpers
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree