Expect Miracles!

Meditation: Matthew 15:29-37
from "The Word Among Us", December 2008

What a sight it must have been as Jesus laid hands on these people who were lame, blind, and mute, and healed all of them! We can’t imagine the joy they felt as their lives were changed in an instant.

And then, he goes ahead and feeds all of them with only seven loaves and a few fish. It’s no wonder that so many came to see Jesus—exciting things happened when he was around!

Exciting things can still happen today. That’s because, even as Jesus is seated on his throne in heavenly glory, on any given day he is also present in literally millions of Eucharistic hosts in churches on every continent in the world. Every day, he comes to us ready to heal, to comfort, to forgive, to nourish and strengthen, and to illuminate.

It can be hard to believe at times, but Jesus doesn’t show up at Mass just to sit around! He comes to bring his plan one step closer to fruition—his plan for the whole world and his plan for each of us. When we receive him in Communion, we are receiving the same One who healed the sick, forgave the sinful, and raised the dead two thousand years ago in Galilee. We are receiving the same One who won our redemption on Calvary and who poured his Holy Spirit upon us when we were baptized. How can we not be changed if we come to him in faith?

The crowds who gathered around Jesus trusted in his power and goodness, and he didn’t disappoint them. Can you try to trust him as much as they did? Can you have the same faith that they had? Of course you can! We are no different than our ancestors in the faith, and Jesus certainly is no different in his desire to work in our lives! So the next time you are at Mass, be expectant. Remember that you are going to meet Jesus and that he longs to work in your life. Open your heart to whatever he wants to do for you. It just might be a miracle!

“Lord, what a generous gift you give at every Mass! Thank you for giving your very self. By your Spirit, teach me to come to you with great hope and trust!”

Isaiah 25:6-10; Psalm 23:1-6