Homemade Christmas

A Homemade Christmas at SimplyVintagegirl.com

Over at the Simply VintageGirl Blog they are celebrating a Homemade Christmas. I thought I would join in the fun.
I have been sewing since I was in high school. I learned how to cross stitch and quilt when I was in my early twenties. I began to smock when I had my daughter at the age of 25. I have made baptismal gowns, Christmas dresses and countless wedding and baby gifts for friends and family over the years. My Grandmother Green used to say "Idle hands are the work for the devil" and she was right. If I am not folding laundry or stitching something when I am watching TV or a movie, than I am snacking and that's just plain evil!!

Our families Christmas stockings are the results of a collaborative effort between myself and my very talented sister-in-law Jalanna. She did most of the stitching over a period of a year and a half, and I sewed them together. I absolutely LOVE them. They really speak to the personality of each member of our family.
Courtney's is an angel. Jonathan's are marching toy soldiers reminding me of the warrior spirit my son has, especially when it comes to his sister. Jerry's is a study filled with books and a roaring fire, while mine is a sewing room filled with fabric and thread.

These stockings are treasured family heirlooms made with lots of love and patience. We are blessed to remember those hands who made them each time they are hung. Thank you sis! We love you!!
Happy Advent,

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