Not as Expected...

So we are home from the oral surgeons and we still have three wisdom teeth. No, the morning has not gone as I expected it to. 

After attending Mass and receiving the anointing of the sick in preparation for surgery, we headed off expecting to have J go under and wake up within an hour and a half , free of his wisdom teeth. Well, upon arriving and filling out enough paperwork to kill a small tree, the doc decided that she wasn't completely comfortable putting J under because of his asthma. We had already discussed this prior to arriving and had been assured everything was in place and the staff on board with it. I guess not. 

Putting aside my annoyance, I inquired if we should proceed or reschedule for Spring Break when the right staff would be present to assist with general anesthesia. My mothers advocacy hat was firmly in place asking all the right questions and making sure J had complete understanding of his choices. 

She offered him laughing gas and a local if he wanted to proceed, but made sure he understood that he would be awake and aware of the pulling, tugging, drilling, etc. J has a tremendous fear of the drill and does not handle it well at all. Knowing this I assured him repeatedly that he could wait, no problem. 

Well, he opted to move forward with the procedure. I left the room and began to pray without ceasing in the waiting room. I prayed intensely for about an hour and then nurse came and got me. I entered the operating room and J had a tear rolling down his face. He couldn't do it anymore. The teeth were impacted which meant lots of drilling, pulling, tugging and even a chisel. He was embarrassed and mortified that he couldn't "man up " and finish the procedure. 

Wow. What do I say God, what do I say? 

I am so glad the Holy Spirit took over as I embraced my 6' 1" bear of a son. I took a deep breath and assured him of my love and admiration that he got this far. I told him that everyone has a different breaking point when it comes to medical procedures. He did his best and got through one extraction. He recognized that he could not continue and made the right decision for him. That is a sign of manhood. To recognize that you are not alone and need help at times. He asked for it and received it. So now, we move on and prepare for the other three in March over Spring Break. So, take the lessons learned from today, put them away in your mind and be ready for the next time. 

I thanked the doctor who was very kind and understanding and after more paperwork, J is now home and ensconced on the couch with and ice pack. Nope, not what I expected, but God is in control. Parenting a college freshmen is challenging. Walking that tightrope between independence and enabling is the hardest challenge I have faced in a very long time. One day at a time, one situation at a time is about the only way I will survive it having any relationship with my son intact. My prayer life has completely changed, for the better, but a deeper conversion is still needed, for the whole family. 

So thank you for your prayers today. Be assured of mine for you as well. May the remainder of your day be blessed and filled with love.