Rolling with Life...

Life these days feels like rushing river rapids with me on a raft desperately trying to hang on through every twist and turn. I was hoping for peace this Advent, and God did grant many small moments of it for which I am very grateful. He also showed me that I need to make time to allow peace to happen in my life. I need to slow down long enough to listen.

So this morning He presented another opportunity for grace. During my son's regular dentist visit, it was discovered that all four of his wisdom teeth are impacted and pressing on his other very straight, recently brace less teeth, causing great concern for both the dentist and orthodontist. So they must come out immediately, as in tomorrow morning. This was not how my 19 year old was planning to spend his first holiday break from college, recovering from oral surgery. 

God however has a different plan. So please say a pray for Jonathan tomorrow morning around 10:30 am EST and say one for me as well. He is not a fan of doctors or needles for that matter, so this is a challenge for him, thereby challenging me to stay calm and focused on helping him stay calm. 

In the mean time, I have been thinking about Elizabeth and her post as well as Jennifer's last two posts. They have my mind and heart churning about what God has taught me this year and where He may be leading me in 2009. Right now, He is leading me to prayer and bed to be ready for another adventurous day tomorrow. 

Blessing to you and yours,

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