A Work In Progress...

We are all works in progress, preparing for the day when we will meet our Savior face to face. We must always strive to be prepared. To that end, I will be away from the computer for the next few days while I go on retreat Friday-Sunday.

This is a special retreat given twice a year for those that are facing a serious or terminal illness. I have the great privilege of being on the team that will assist these wonderful people all weekend. I have been looking forward to this time of reflection with Christ in the quiet service of others who are struggling so. It puts my life and all it's chaos into perspective very quickly.

The video below was posted by Angie on Bring the Rain and it just spoke to where I am right now in this Advent season. God is working on something with me and I am struggling to understand it all, but I pray each day for openness to His call in my life and I look forward to renewing and refreshing my soul this weekend.

Please pray for me. Pray that I have an open and generous heart, that I will listen with love and serve always with joy! I will certainly keep all of you in my prayers as well. If there are specific requests please email me (mary_romance@cox.net) and I will bring them with me.

Sanctus Real - Whatever You're Doing Music Video