Audrey Caroline's Legacy Continues...

I have written about this precious child before. Angie @ Bring the Rain has inspired so many through her honesty and great love of the Lord. She has poured herself out before the King and been blessed. This has not taken away her grief, but inspired her to share her journey with millions of people in hopes of bring them closer to our Creator.

The Mourning and the Dancing is her most recent post and I was so moved by it, I knew I needed to share it with you. As I watch her hold her precious daughter inspecting every inch of this wonderful creation knowing that God granted her only hours to hold and physically love this child, she smiles that sad mother's smile that we all know. The one that says to the world "My heart is breaking, but I will keep going because I have to."

It is awesome to see the power this mother's love, to see her eyes shine for the miracle she holds gently in her arms. And then she offers her back to God, for Audrey belongs to Him. My heart breaks watching the video. Audrey continues to love her parents and three older sisters each and every day. Her work evangelizing the love of Christ, is just starting. Can't you just see her dancing through the heavens? I can.

May God continue to bless Todd, Angie and their daughters, all four of them. May you be blessed by getting to know the wonderful gift God gave to this family. Now go hug your children, for they are precious in God's sight.


Sweet Audrey-Girl from angie smith on Vimeo.